Anna Dale-Meunier

-"The Hunt" is Anna's thesis film for NYU-Scps. It was completed on December 16th, 2011 and screened on the 21st at NYU.
-She won the "Technisphere Award" for Outstanding Acheivement and Best Film.

-She is currently in the process of submitting it to several festivals in North America. So more news to come!

Looking for a room for rent isn’t always easy, but doing it in New York city is a whole other ball game! Follow Alex in her journey meeting some of the most interesting characters of New York in her search for a room.

Anna Marie Sell (
William Dreyer
Callie Chardonnay (
Emma de Kooning
Dianne Diep (
Sheldon Best

Anna Dale-Meunier
Abena Boafo
Emma de Kooning
John Kelly DoP (

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